Brand Zuri

The Concept

ZURI watch is a fusion of jewelry with watch.

The Theme

Zuri is a feminine word of the Swahili origin meaning "beautiful", it also means good, nice, pretty, lovely, cute, and attractive.

The Persona

True to its name & its concept ZURI jewelry watch is a symbol of distinctiveness, designed for the modern woman who believes in her femininity and makes it her identity. As a brand, ZURI is known for its striking designs and speaks to the modern woman of today through its unique design.  

The Zuri Woman

Keeping in mind the different roles of the ZURI woman’s life, the jewelry watches are made for different occasions and are a great amalgam of vibrant colors and beauty. ZURI reflects the modern Indian woman’s progressive views and is all that a young modern women is and can be… elegant, fun, chic, Exquisite, bold, and eye-catching, ZURI jewelry watches are a dream-come-true for every woman, thanks to their feminine appeal, and attention to detailing. The brand boasts of a range of jewelry watches that addresses the varied roles a woman has to play in her life – a daughter, a sister, a friend, wife, mother and grandmother – ZURI ensures that it has something for every woman.